• Diagnosis Phase | At the beginning of every PIL success story is an exploration into internal and external perceptions, revealing deeper insights into target market behaviors and motivators. It not only provides smart creative direction, but also quantitative and qualitative data for evaluating effective marketing solutions.

    Competitive Research
    Focus Groups
    Site Visits and Onsite Analysis
    Online Surveys

    Value Analysis – identifies and defines what audiences truly value beyond basic satisfaction. We prepare a thorough survey to evaluate and understand what the market thinks of the product or brand, as well as how they obtain they interact with various media – including print, social media, OTAs, online, and beyond.

  • TREATMENT PHASE | Applying a unique and customized remedy for each brand’s unique marketing challenge is how PIL empowers brands through results-based marketing and advertising. We start with a unique brand identity and voice and then define individualized creative and experiential communication approaches for target audiences.

  • TRANSMISSION PHASE | Any successful treatment must be able to spread throughout the market and create a healthy, strong, vibrant brand. During the transmission phase, PIL uses a wide variety of media and touch points to relay important advertising and marketing efforts. From award-winning print and broadcast, to public relations, to rich online and interactive experiences, to dynamic social media, and more.

  • CURE PHASE | Through a smart mix of traditional communications platforms and new/emerging media, we take measurements, track response, review sales figures, and evaluate bottom-line performance in relationship to campaign elements. What we often find is that in achieving initial goals, we identify more new areas for growth and progress... So, we then develop a new CURE process to meet new objectives.

Digital Platforms

In today’s increasingly online marketplace, PIL’s skill across multiple digital formats is a tremendous asset to the clients we serve. We offer complete website development that includes all elements of online communications – including strategy, programming, and graphic design... and we go further with mobile-app integration and mobile platform compatibility. We also offer insight into Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization, from both a strategic and applied level, either on its own or as a part of other digital services. And, we also integrate social media, multimedia text, viral video content, online gaming, sponsored content, and more into rich, robust, digital experiences.

  • PIL offers full-service website solutions which include design, copywriting, programming, database management and maintenance, analytics and web hosting. Or, if you prefer one of these solutions, we can provide that as well. Our services include Shopping Carts, Custom Ecommerce, Booking Engines
  • Custom Programming and Web Development
  • Mobile Applications
  • Mobile sites
  • SEO
  • SEM- Pay-Per-Click (PPC), Web Tracking, Reporting and Analytics
  • Eblasts
  • Social Media- From creating to customizing sites to interacting and maintaining a dialogue with followers and friends
  • Ebrochures
  • Digital Banners, including Retargeting- PIL will customize web banners for display or retargeting campaigns.
  • Video Production- Storyboards, Scripts, Voiceover, Graphics, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics, Editing and Postproduction
  • Presentations- Video Presentations, Powerpoint Presentations, Keynote Presentations


While our PIL Cure Phase offers a comprehensive approach to effective marketing and advertising, there are a number of digital marketing services and traditional advertising services that we offer on an individualized basis.

Branding & offline marketing

Though online and digital media continue to experience an upward trend, other media formats still remain strong, proven, and necessary components to a fully integrated marketing or advertising campaign. PIL offers proven expertise in:

  • Advertising:
    From market research to concepting to design and execution, at PIL we ensure that what we create for our clients is unique in the marketplace, has the strongest impact and is delivered to the audience when and where they want, and always seeking value-added opportunities. We have extensive experience in creating and executing advertising for Magazines and Newspapers, both Print and Digital formats, as well as Digital Banners, Sweeptakes, Eblasts, Billboards, Radio and Television and Cable Commercials, and more.
  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity
  • Collateral- Brochures, Stationery Packages, Annual Reports, Sustainability Reports, Magazine Design and Editorial Designs
  • Direct Mail
  • Packaging
  • Restaurant Menus and In Room Hotel Directories
  • Outdoor Billboards
  • Vehicle Wraps
  • Sales and Trade Show Displays
  • Promotional Material Giveaways
  • Uniform Apparel
  • Copywriting
  • Radio
  • Media Buying and Placement



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